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My name is Alleeah Elkins, I Am 21 years old, my Height is 5'4. I have been modeling over 7 years and hope to one day make a career in fashion. I am currently enrolled in school and have plans to one day become a occupational therapist in my home state of West Virginia and Abroad. I enjoy traveling, fashion, and spending time with my friends, and family. My best friend is my highly energetic pitbull/boxer named Oreo. My biggest motivation is my mother Michelle. She's very hard working, beautiful and supportive of all her family, She Is truly my biggest fan and support system. If I could say one thing to all the young models coming behind me it would be to always dream big, never stop chasing your goals, and never give up because tomorrow could bring the changes you have been working towards. A big thank you to my manager and modeling coach Mr. Eric Romello and all the people who have given me their time and opportunities along the way.  I look forward to seeing where this journey will take me as I continue to grow as a powerful woman and model in the fashion industry!​

Alleeah is available for Runway, Print, Swimsuit, Commmercial, Fitness, and Glamour 

Alleeah Elkins

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