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Sugar and spice … sweet yet sassy, all the energy you need when modeling and indulging in the fashion world! Standing 4’9 allows the chance to participate in modeling for all designers but able to pull off multiple looks rather it’s to show off a child’s look with a little sass, or an adult look yet classy & sassy I’m able to give the look you Need! I love being able to model and step out and show why I can Brighten a room and make the design pop!!! Never let fear get in your way, push, push, push & exceed the way is something I keep in mind when stepping on to any runway or in front of a camera. I want to give all I can so that the look speaks for itself. Being able to promote other people's brands is an experience in itself, it allows me to help the designers vision come to life while promoting their brand knowing that, that item will be sold out of my sass and class while giving all credit where credit is due Rather it’s the designer, MUA, photography, etc. Take a look, I look forward to working with YOU!

Bri Baldwin

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