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Model: Mrz. Uniquefashion

Photo Credits:

Lucas Vision1

Scott Hart


Elizabeth White


Soul2Soul photography



Karina Beltre

UNIQUENESS and CONFIDENT are some things I will forever have. Modeling the different brands of fashion is an all-time high for me. The fashion shows I've participated in have been a wonderful experience. Most of them I have heard the story of why their clothing line exist and, WOW, it is so beautiful!!!!!! I love being a fashion model, runway model, and published model. This was my daddy's wish for me before he was called home. I hope my ambition is a message to my other sisters; No matter what life says you can't do; pray about it and if God leads you that way then go for it. Come on sisters lets GOo!! When I win, I will take the participants that helped me along the way. Being an ambassador of someone else's brand makes me happy. I love to promote their brands because I know I am going to promote their brand to the best of my ability. Meaning they'll sell an item that I wore. (Brand Ambassador) I am that.

The moment my images get approved for magazine publications I also list the photographers, mua, hair stylist, outfits, &/or jewelry

so that they are recognized as well. Check my work out.

Mrz. Uniquefashion

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